FEBBIE IS AN ADULT NOW ❤️🎉 *He got excited*

Ram With Jaanu
Ram With Jaanu
Published on 9.07.2021

Hey deyssss!!!! So Febbie is 2 Years old now! We can’t believe its been 2 years since we held him first! Its a love at first sight! We started loving him as soon as we saw his cute little paws! Ever since he has the most important thing for us! We love him so much! We celebrated Febbie’s first birthday low-key and wanted to do it a little better this time Coz honey He is am Adult now 😭 Our son is growing into this handsome man! Of course we need to search for our daughter in law as soon as possible 🤣 But yay! Happieee Birthday (belated) Febbieee boyy ❤️😍 Make sure you subscribe to us and share our videos with your friends so that they can enjoy ❤😍

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Ram with Jaanu

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